Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the latest game, only to find that the Google Play thought it wasn't compatible with your phone?
Maybe you don't have a snapdragon device, but youre're pretty sure an old device could handle it still. Have a Kindle Fire and want access to more than just the Amazon AppStore?

Until now you've been stuck, but a new online service also come with Chrome extension called APK Downloader will allow you to download an apk file from the Google Play directly to your desktop rather than to your device.

APK Downloader v3.0.0 - Jan 2015 - Chrome Extension - Download APK with your own account directly

Looking for Google Chrome Extension? or Evozi Online APK Downloader don't work or out of quota? Try Chrome Extension now! You'll need the latest version of Chrome, then you supply your device ID, email address and password (all stored locally on your computer to grab the Google Play cookie). From there you pick the app you want and you'll have the apk file on your computer, allowing you to sideload it onto any of your Android devices! It is a quite a handy little tool.

IMPORTANT: Please take your time read all the steps in the guide and information on the website before proceeding!

Install Extension Now Guide Video [Animation]

Chrome APK Downloader Extension FAQ

Why do I have to enter details? Does it store or send to another place?

The extension only stores email, device id and Google Play cookie in Chrome local storage, on your computer. To be able to get the cookie, it needs your email and password to login at https://www.google.com/accounts/ClientLogin . After it’s done, password is not stored, email is stored to display on Options page, Device ID and Cookie are stored for later requests.

Is the file that I downloaded same in Google Play?

Yes, you will be downloading the files directly from Google server not Evozi server

Can I download paid apps?

Nope, I'm afraid that you are not able to download it.

Can I change my country and mobile provider?

Yes, just go to the option page and change it.

When do I need to login again and reenter device ID/ GSF ID?

We will need to relogin the extension if you format/reset your phone or changed Google password or signned out your google account on your phone.

So Online APK Downloader or Extension?

Use extension if you want to download directly. For Online APK Downloader you are able to download apk files without login your Google account or no need worry about country restriction.

APK Downloader

APK files request

After trying Online APK downloader and extension and it don't work you can request the apk manually by posting at the comment box below. (We will grab the APK for you when we are not busy)

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